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Welcome to the home page of SPS Trading Ltd

Please read the notes below before making your appointment and note that the booking system is only operational during the school summer holiday.

Please select your school from the drop-down menu, and then navigate through the available information using the menus on the left side.  Contact details are listed for each school - please do call if you would like to make an appointment or have any other enquiry. Our office number is 020 8687 1502.

Important Notes


  • Please note that when you make a booking online, you will be asked for your email address. This will only be used by ourselves for contact purposes, but will be visible to other parents using the system.  

  • To make a booking online you will need this year's Username and Password that will have been sent to you by your School.

  • When making the booking you will be asked for an 'Event  Description'- please give your child's name and year.

  • After making your appointment you will receive an automatic email acknowledgement. This is not confirmation of your appointment. Confirmation/approval of your appointment will come in a later email.

  •  If you are an existing parent or would prefer, we can make your appointment by phone. Please call us on 020 8687 1502 and we will be happy to help!

  • For 'same day' appointments, please don't book online, but call us on 020 8687 1502.

  • The booking sytem is now operational - please contact us by phone if you experience any difficulties.