St Paul's and St Paul's Juniors


The St Paul's school shop is situated on the ground floor of the main building approached through the Atrium and then through the corridor to the right. The shop stocks all items on the approved uniform list for both St Paul's and St Paul's Juniors, together with all required items of sportswear and a selection of sports equipment. There is also a wide range of stationery equipment stocked in addition to the range of text books, exercise books, paper, and files to be found in the Bookroom.

It is essential that all items of clothing including gameswear, socks and underwear are clearly marked with the boy's name. We offer an order service for nametapes and labels. Please find an order form by clicking on Name Tapes. We offer an appointment system during the Summer Holidays for uniform fitting. This Service will be available from May. You can book your preferred time and date  by telephoning our office on 020 8687 1502. Please take advantage of this service as the shop becomes extremely busy in the last few days before term begins with parents and boys already at the school.